Bogue Banks Baptist Church to Host Parenting Expert  John Rosemond  Bogue Banks Baptist Church in Atlantic Beach brings to the community nationally known author, syndicated columnist, and family psychologist John Rosemond on October 14, 2018. Rosemond is known for his sound advice and relaxed style and is one of America’s busiest and most popular public speakers. Rosemond will be speaking on “Parenting with Love and Leadership” on Sunday, October 14 from 2-5:30pm at Bogue Banks Baptist Church, 1417 W. Ft. Macon Road, Atlantic Beach. “Parenting with Love and Leadership” is a humorous, yet thought-provoking seminar, where family psychologist Rosemond describes the contemporary parenting conundrum in clear, compelling terms and then describes a practical, tested solution using what children need adults to provide to them: Love and Leadership. Using compelling real-life anecdote, Rosemond teaches parents how to motivate maximum child compliance, no matter the setting, through the proper use of what he calls “leadership speech.” And when consequences are necessary, Rosemond teaches creative approaches that get the job done! Rosemond has authored over 18 books on parenting, family life, and faith, including his recently released “Getting to Heaven.” He has been writing a nationally syndicated parenting column for over 35 years that appears in over 200 newspapers. Some of Rosemond’s books include: “Because I Said So!”, “A Family of Value,” and the “Six Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children.” Rosemond’s common-sensical advice has gained much credibility with today’s parents who are sick of techniques and methods that don’t work. Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Burns are grateful to Bogue Banks Baptist Church for hosting Mr. Rosemond. “We felt called to offer this event because we know God’s childrearing principles are best for parents and children. Our hope is that this seminar will equip and encourage parents and grandparents.”

Tickets for Sunday’s event are $15/person; $20/couple (Pay at the door. No credit cards Please.) Email registration is required by September 26 to

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